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Country Weekly Talks Bakersfield

Vince Gill’s tour with pedal steel master Paul Franklin will hit a number of cities, but there was only one location the pair ever considered for Oct. 25’s opening night: Bakersfield.

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Review: Gill brings ‘Bakersfield’ to Bakersfield

This has been the year Bakersfield returned to America’s pop culture map, at least with respect to the music that made the city famous a half-century ago.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville opened an exhibit dedicated to the Bakersfield Sound in 2011 and this year, thanks to the show’s favorable reception, extended its 19-month run for another 12 months. At least four books on the Bakersfield Sound or its best-known practitioners have recently or will soon hit bookshelves. And now we have Vince Gill, the purest, sweetest tenor in country music today, devoting his latest collection of songs to the music of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

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Vince Gill, Paul Franklin take ‘Bakersfield’ album to Bakersfield

When I spoke to Vince Gill earlier this year about “Bakersfield,” his album saluting the songs of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, he mentioned that the supporting tour would bring him and his collaborator on the album, steel guitarist Paul Franklin, to the city the collection was named for.

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Vince Gill brings ‘Bakersfield’ to Bakersfield

Though he started his tribute by noting that “Brother George taught us all how to sing with a broken heart,” there was real doubt on that day in May, when friends and family laid to rest the greatest country singer of all time, that Vince Gill — his famous tenor voice husky and raw with emotion — would make it through the song at all.

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Vince Gill and Paul Franklin Embrace ‘Bakersfield Sound’ With New CD, Tour

From the honky tonks of Oildale to  concert halls across the world, the hard driving, guitar driven country music that came out of Kern County – known as the “Bakersfield Sound” – has captured millions of fans across the world.

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Review: The Windsor Star

The way Vince Gill looks at it, you don’t just get older as a musician, you get better.

“At 56, I should be the best I’ve ever been,” said the veteran singer-songwriter who has gone back to his roots on his latest tribute album, Bakersfield.

“I think I am. I sing better, play better, everything.”

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Praise From Across The Pond

The hottest new American release this time around, has to be the collaboration of VINCE GILL and PAUL FRANKLIN on “Bakersfield” (Universal). Vince is well known as a superb singer and songwriter, whilst Paul is one of Country music’s most honoured steel guitarists.

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